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Many think that the power in delegation lies in being able to simply assign tasks to someone else. That thought and need is what often brings our clients in the door. However, once they are engaged, our clients experience the true power of delegation which is the security and confidence to successfully grow their business as well as prepare for the future.

Working with the Executive Administrative Group gives you access and opportunity to tap into a vast knowledge resource and tackle projects that are going to propel your business forward. The real value of our service is knowing that you not only have support, but you feel supported enough to move your business to the next level, even as you are figuring it out and defining what that next level is for yourself.

We bring to your company 30+ years of hands on experience in high level project execution, administrative process and procedures development, start-up support and event management. Learn more about what we can offer and the packages available to you in our services menu and take those first step towards growing your business through the power of delegation! Schedule your consultation appointment so that together we can determine what your company needs and how to best utilize our experience. 

The Power of Delegation!

My name is Romaine Brown-Palmer and I started The Executive Administrative Group to serve the entrepreneur community. Choosing to work with us means you will be supported by a team of administrative professionals with experience helping business owners, such as yourself, focus on why you went into business while we support the administrative operations and offer valuable support in your growth years. 


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