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Romaine Brown-Palmer

Years of experience: 17

Expertise: Administrative, Event Logistics & HR Operations 

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Hi There! You are probably here because you are ready to, or are strongly considering, handing over the administrative logistics of your business. My passion is and has been my entire career, administrative operations. To many that sounds crazy, but to me it's exciting to see the change and impact that powerful support has on growing businesses. I bring that passion for processes to all our clients as their in house project manager and my support team shares my passion and belief in their role as administrators. I believe in the power of delegation and I would love the opportunity to show you what we can do! Let's Chat! 

The Executive Administrative Group responds to the needs of the solo entrepreneur community.  You will be supported by a consultant that brings more to the table than just being able to give advice on the best way to handle operations tasks. We bring tangible results, experience and take a hands-on approach to helping business owners, such as yourself, focus on growth while delegating administrative operations. 


We know how time consuming it is to manage the administrative needs of your business, such as trying to create the necessary processes to ensure your team is delivering quality service and finding great support, all while needing to stay lean fiscally so that you can continue to invest in your business. That's where our value to your business lies, in giving you the power of delegation! Our goal is to work with your business until you grow to the point where you need full time administrative help, at which point we will shift gears to help recruit, hire and train the right person to support your business. 


                                                                                                   Lets get started!