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About Me

Skilled Administrative Support Professional with 20+ Years' Experience

My name is Romaine Brown Palmer and I am a coach and consultant to small business owners. I provide administrative coaching and consulting to entrepreneurs who are looking to create sustainable location-independent businesses.

Lovingly referred to as The Brain by my clients, my passion is the process and I thrive in environments that require service-oriented leadership. This is why working with business and life coaches has been my sweet spot!

I have the unique ability to break down tasks, systems, and processes into easy-to-understand actionable steps. I love nothing more than helping entrepreneurs take their vision from idea to reality by filling gaps. 

Highlights from my over two decades of experience in operations and administrative management include being one of the youngest property lifestyle managers of luxury properties in NYC - which taught me the power and importance of communication. I have worked firsthand with multiple startups and have supported two of them successfully through the merger and acquisition process.

Thanks to my intimate understanding of the virtual support space, from solo to agency and back, my clients have been able to double and, in many cases, triple their annual income by implementing the systems and processes I have recommended.

Are you ready to earn more, have more time and freedom in your coaching business?

Then let’s get to work!

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  • Operations Strategy & Planning

  • Online Business Management

  • Project Management

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Office Hours
Tuesday - Thursday
10am - 4pm EST


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Absolutely Amazing!

“Romaine is absolutely amazing! Her ability to bring calm to my entrepreneurial craziness is a gift! I would recommend working with her because she is firm, organized, and holds you accountable to get it done! All while providing support to help do the things you hate doing but need to get done.”

Dr. Casandra “Coach Cass” Henriquez

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