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Awkward Language

Many times when someone is asked to provide a testimonial, as well-meaning as they may be, because this is not a natural process for them - they wing it - and do their best to share how amazing you are. In that process, sometimes their language or energy makes the end product unusable to you, which leaves the video just taking up storage somewhere or you in the awkward position of either having to ask them to re-record. 

Confusing Flow

Without someone to guide them, testimonials can feel scattered and all over the place. Even when you have done the work of providing questions the exact questions to answer, without a framework of how to answer them, where to look and how long the answer should be, you may still find yourself with an unusable end product.

Poor Quality

Poor quality is the primary reason many video testimonials are unusable.  There's background noise, it's too dark where they are, the audio is choppy, the background is distracting... there are so many reasons that a testimonial video can become unusable. Quality issues will make even the most powerful and sincere testimonial unable to be used to promote your product or service.


Targeted Questions

We use the "question to statement" interview method proven to be successful by professional interviewers to guide your guests to provide a glowing and professional testimonial you would be happy to use anywhere. 

Guidance & Feedback

We literally walk your guest through the process to ensure the best possible outcome. From providing resources to prepare them before the call to putting their mind and energy at ease one the call, a guided testimonial team member will be with your guest every step of the way 

Quality Control

No more worrying that the audio or video quality, having a testimonial guide check the camera and audio quality with your guest before moving on to the testimonial. If the guest is not prepared, we will provide them with tips to help in real time or ask them to reschedule.




Prep & Quality Check

You will provide your testimonial guest with a link to our Guided Testimonial booking page which will have FAQs, Suggestions on how to show up best on camera, and access to our team calendar to choose a day and time that works best for them. Your guest will be warmly greeted by a certified team member who will confirm the process, confirm the rights to use the footage for marketing purposes, and check that their audio and camera settings for the optimal outcome before beginning the guided testimonial process.

Guided Testimoinal

We begin the recording process and guide your guest through questions you provide or our standard 4 questions using a proven process that creates better quality testimonials.

We will keep the recording clean by pausing the recording when we are asking each question, providing any feedback necessary so that your end product is ideal.


Once the process is over, your guest is thanked for their time and the recording ends.

Raw Footage Delivery

After the session is over and depending on the session type selected, our team members will place the raw footage and any additional resources in a temporary folder within 2 hours of the call and you will then have 72 business hours to download the raw footage for private storage.


Pick the Plan That Works Best For Your Needs!

*All plans use Zoom Technology for recording.

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Raw Footage 

$75 per Testimonial

Your 15-minute video and audio with documented waiver and release will be uploaded to a cloud folder and shared with you within 2 hours of the call.

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Raw Footage + Transcription

$150 Per Testimonial

Your 15-minute video with documented waiver and release as well as the transcription of the testimonial with the corresponding question will be uploaded to a cloud folder and shared with you within 1 business day of the call.

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Bundle & Save

Retainer Packages

Will you need consistent access to our services? Book a discovery call below to receive a custom quote for the unique needs of your business or event.


Limited Availability. 

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