My name is Romaine Brown-Palmer and I started The Executive Administrative Group to serve the entrepreneur community. Choosing to work with us means you will be supported by a team of administrative professionals with experience helping business owners, such as yourself, focus on why you went into business while we support the administrative operations and offer valuable support in your growth years. 


Administrative Planning

Virtual Project Management

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Administrative Planning

Our administrative planning sessions - Freedom Think Sessions - are designed to provide the opportunity to  finally close the loop on creating the systems and processes that you feel are holding back your business. 
So many times, my clients come to me and say; I wish I was as organized as you! I want that for you as well...

The Executive Administrative Group responds to the needs of the solo entrepreneur community. You will be supported by a project manager that brings more to the table than just being able to give advice on the best way to handle operations tasks. We bring tangible results, experience and take a hands-on approach to helping business owners, such as yourself, focus on growth while delegating administrative operations... 


Executive Support