As your company begins to experience the rewards of your hard work, the more important it becomes to be able to manage the day-to-day business professionally, efficiently and in a manner that builds on your positive reputation. However, retaining full-time staff may not be realistic for where you are in your business.

The team here at the EA Group supports your efforts and matches your passion with experienced, well rounded and adaptable project management. Highly skilled and experienced in administrative processes, we keep your organization running like a well-oiled machine while you grow your business. Each client is assigned an account manager who will be fully trained in your processes.

So how does it work?

Well, first we learn more about your needs on a consultation call, or in-person meeting if you are local to South Florida, where you share with us what you truly need to delegate to focus on what's next in your business. We support our clients on a retainer model, and we recommend a package that works for where you are now so that you can grow organically, then scale up as you need to until you get to the point where you truly need full-time support. 

We use ASANA as our project management tool so that you can assign, track and manage your support needs.  We also employ tools to keep the line of communication open, so that you are able to access us, as you need us! 


We work with event organizers and planners to manage the administrative details and support needs, ensuring that your event is seamlessly executed from the first email communication to the last person out on the day of your event.

We provide administrative logistics services during all stages of event planning, from concept to venue and vendor management, sourcing vendors, entertainment and more. We support community events, retreats, masterminds, workshops and multi-day conferences.  

Freedom Think Sessions are designed to provide the opportunity for us to work together to finally close the loop on creating the systems and processes that you feel are holding back your business. 

So many times, my clients come to me and say; I wish I was as organized as you! While logistics and planning come second nature to me, I am also dedicated to efficiency and protecting my time. This is why I have been invested in learning and implementing new technologies that help me make what I do feel seamless and I want that for you as well.
These uber productive three-hour sessions are designed to give you the opportunity to gain clarity and take action on streamlining the back end of your business. This is an action-based planning session where you leave with systems you can implement right away and guidance on the next steps.

This is for you if: 

  • You need templates that will make managing your communication simpler.
  • You need your current systems documented so that you can onboard new employees or clients with ease.
  • You need guidance on what type of project management system will work for you to keep track of your (and your teams) workload.
  • You would like to implement a new system, i.e. a CRM or Cloud-based software system and need assistance in researching and then ensuring proper implementation.
  • You would love some guidance on what is available to upgrade your current systems - in a cost-effective way!
  • You need someone to share your ideas with who can then tell you what is needed to make them happen.
  • You just want to pick my brain!

This service is created to support you wherever you are in your business!.  Are you ready? AWESOME!

The next step is to have you schedule a call to discuss your goals.


E: info@theexecutiveadmins.com

​P: 786-383-0839

Virtual Project Management​
Event Logistics and Support
Administrative Planning & Consulting


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide hourly support on an ‘as-needed’ basis?

A:  Thanks for asking – We do not work on an as-needed basis. The EA Group works on a retainer with an ongoing commitment. The minimum commitment is 6 months. If you are interested in this type of service, we have amazing referral partners! Feel free to ask to be connected to them!

What is the benefit of being on a retainer model?

A: The primary benefit is not having to worry about your monthly payment fluctuating. After a consultation, we will present a proposal for the scope of work. The only time your retainer will change, is if the volume of business has changed, at which point your project manager will discuss options with you. You will receive the same invoice every month!

What if I start and find that virtual project management doesn’t work for me, or I need someone in-house, or my business changes and I need a different solution, am I locked into a contract?

A: Absolutely not! Whatever the reason, you are able to opt-out of our agreement with 30 days’ notice. This gives us more than enough time to wrap up your project and train you on anything pending.

What if I have a team, I just need someone to manage them?

A: That is where we shine, allowing you to remove yourself as the bottleneck in the business. We are well versed in managing teams, especially virtual teams so that you can focus on your role as CEO.

Will you come to my office and work with me?

A: We do not offer onsite services for administrative support. Our team works on a virtual basis.

What time zone are you on?

A: Our team works on Eastern Standard Time, Monday – Friday 9 am - 5 pm.

Why don't you post about your clients?

A: The privacy of our clients is of utmost importance to us, as such we do not advertise or use them in our advertising because we operate as a member of their team. 


I’m an event planner, will you work with me as a part of my team?

A. Absolutely! We love event planners and we operate as an extension of your team to provide logistics and communication support. We also provide onsite support, based on availability.

I’m an event organizer, I love planning and creating the event – I just don’t want to handle all the “other stuff”, will you work with me?

A. Absolutely! We operate as an extension of your team to provide logistics and communication support. We also provide onsite support, based on availability.

I’ve done all the work for the event, I just need onsite support on the day of the event, can you help me?

A. Absolutely. We provide onsite support services, based on availability.